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Photo Recap: Shukai 2015 Car Show in San Jose, CA

Enjoy our photo recap from Shukai 2015 in Japantown!

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ATS-V Coupe On The Showroom at Hennessy Cadillac

The Cadillac ATS-V just hit dealerships last week. One of our buddies was able to get a clip of a Black Raven coupe that's on the showroom floor at Hennessy Cadillac in Duluth, GA. As of today, this ATS-V coupe is about 1 of 40 nationwide that's already prepped and ready for delivery.Thank you to Christine [...]

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Satin Vs. Gloss: Tesla Carbon Fiber Overload

What a way to end the Summer! We just finished a few custom carbon fiber pieces for the Tesla Model S and Tesla Roadster.Both the Model S and Roadster have carbon fiber options available from the factory. However, there are a few accessories that owners prefer finished in carbon fiber which you'll see below. Roadsters have [...]

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Bringing out the Model S for Labor Day Weekend

We spotted a few examples of the Model S out and about for Labor Day weekend. With such warm weather, what better way to celebrate? This Supercharger is located in sunny Roseville, CA. Enjoy!Roseville, CA Supercharger

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Lime Green Tesla Roadster with Carbon Fiber Tail Lights

For a good part of 2015 we've been developing carbon fiber tail lights for the Tesla Roadster. This lime green Roadster was helpful enough to let us test-fit a tail light set before we enter production. This is the first time carbon fiber housings have been developed for the Tesla Roadster. Please let us know [...]

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Here’s One Big-Block-Powered Beast of a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

Cannon’s Big Gun: Kyle Cannon’s E-ticket ChevelleBig-block engines tend to do dramatic things as they approach 6,000 rpm. Usually they heave their guts. Not the 540 in Kyle Cannon’s 1971 Chevelle. As if a prodded bear, it charges beyond the point where few dare to shift. It’s an unnatural, gut-wrenching sound the thing makes as [...]

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What's That Sound?: Listen to BMW M3 and M4 Performance Exhaust Systems

There's a few ways to get extra power out of the 2015 M3 and M4. The first sound clip is from the Borla S-Type system. Borla did an amazing job engineering their e90 exhaust lineup; Bimmerfest gave them a stamp of approval! This newest system for the F80 really opens up the vehicle for optimal performance. [...]

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Tesla gathering at the Fremont Supercharger: Roadster, P90D, and more!

We caught up with few Tesla Roadsters getting ready for a Saturday morning cruise. We also spotted a couple of MC red P90Ds being delivered at the Tesla plant. This clip shows the P90D tail gate being opened for a demonstration at the Tesla Motors manufacturing plant.

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Deadmau5′ Lamborghini Huracán Takes Home An Importfest Award

Some of the big shots in the Canadian auto tuning were busy showcasing their best creations over the weekend, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, on Saturday. Aside from presenting modified cars from across Canada and the USA, there also were a couple of other events that ran the show. For instance, there was a [...]

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2016 Cadillac ATS-V: The One Lap Review

Almost the entire staff has driven the Cadillac ATS-V and I think, individually, there isn’t a single person who hasn’t enjoyed it. But when it comes to the track it always helps to send a ringer, and our ringer is none other than racer and occasional hoverboarder Robb Holland.Watch Robb Holland (and briefly Chris Duplessis) [...]

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