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Hyper 5; LaFerrari vs P1 vs 918 vs Huayra vs Veyron SS

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Hyper 5

It's a showdown that petrol heads the world over have been waiting for, for over 2 years. Since the world first got introduced to the concept of the hybrid hypercar with the McLaren P1, followed by the Porsche 918, followed by the Ferrari LaFerrari, everyone has been wanting to know; who is the King?


These three Hybrids are forever intertwined. It seems you cannot mention one without bringing up the other two. Let me be clear, all three are unbelievable masterpieces. The absolute pinnacle of car technology and engineering. But you have a favorite. I have a favorite. If you could only choose one, it would be a tough choice, like a parent choosing between children. So which is best? Well, until very recently, we had no idea.

P1 918 LaFerrari

Not even Top Gear could organize a track showdown between these three cars. Porsche was willing, and so was McLaren as long as the race wasn’t at the Top Gear track. Ferrari, however, was against it. Ferrari eventually agreed, under the condition that they sent a factory direct car. Porsche was against that, and said they would only agree to it if it wasn’t a factory car; it had to be a customer car, which would ensure that no tampering could be added to give the Ferrari an unfair advantage. Top Gear initially figured that they could find some customers of the three cars and pit them against each other in an independent test. However Ferrari said that if this happened, the owner of the LaFerrari would be barred from ever buying a limited edition Ferrari again. Stalemate.


It was starting to look like we would never see these three Monsters compete. Three of the most exciting cars in almost a decade, and no one really knew which was best. Enter this guy (not an instruction, but an introduction);

Alejandro Salomon

Alejandro Salomon. Our new automotive Lord and Savior. This early 30’s Mexican beauty resides in L.A. and struck Gold in the movie biz as a producer. He wears many hats and is quite successful at what he does. Almost every one of his social media posts is filled with comments of people asking what he does for a living and how he made his money. It’s no secret, work hard. He also has somewhat of a pretty serious car addiction. And lets be honest, if I had the means, I would do the exact same thing. Here is a list of his cars:

  1. Porsche Cayman GT4
  2. Porsche GT3-RS
  3. Porsche 911 by Singer (On Order)
  4. Custom Pagani Huayra
  5. 2015 Electric Smart Car
  6. 2013 Mercedes G63 AMG
  7. 2016 Smart Car
  8. 2014 Mini Cooper S
  9. 2005 Porsche Carrera GT
  10. Porsche 918 Spyder
  11. Dodge Challenger Hellcat A.K.A Hellgato
  12. 2011 Porsche GT3-RS 4.0
  13. 2006 Ford GT
  14. 2015 Porsche Macan S

As you can tell, it's a pretty impressive (and expensive) list with more added all the time. Alejandro grew up in Mexico watching Top Gear and was inspired to create something for the people. He realized he had the means to make the Porsche vs. McLaren vs. Ferrari battle a reality. So he placed a few calls to some friends that owned a P1 and a LaFerrari as well as a Bugatti SS, because why not? Before he knew it, he found himself in uncharted territory. Putting his production skills to use, he has finally done it. The impossible. The P1 vs. the 918 vs. the LaFerrari. And just for fun, the Bugatti SS and the Pagani Huayra are thrown in to see how they stack up. It is split into two competitions. Drag races to see who is the king of acceleration, and then they are taken around the track to see who can set the fastest lap. An independent race car driver takes the cars to their limit on the track, to keep things official. Oh, and by the way, this cost Mr. Salomon over $150,000 dollars to pull this off. Insurance for this sort of thing is NOT cheap. So thank you, Alejandro Salomon. You are the hero we needed.

Without further ado, here are the resulting videos. The most important car related test in the last decade. Hyper 5:

And here is a video of him explaining what Hyper 5 meant to him.

This article was written by Chris at CarFlow Motors. Please check out his other articles here.

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